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23/12/2013 21:53

Finally updated

23/12/2013 21:44

Version software is Down!

We have deleated our vertson software in a fear of increasing hackers.Now no one will be able to recieve any files quickly for download. However, we are sorry for this update.    But we are now trying to send new updates for the Download category and we are trying to create new and...
23/12/2013 15:24

Easy window!

  All guyz and galz, we are now here, happy to announce that we have  successfully put up the perticular tags which opens a new sub-window in our site You can try it here below Cick on the sub link below    
02/11/2013 12:22

Versition -- 0.00.0

   We have added our new set of versition-The Versition --  0.00.0 in every page! So download it, and enjoy!
02/11/2013 12:18

Page Download

   We have been interested in internet. But now we have created a PDF programme, that  you can read offline! The download link will be available at the bottom ofevery page.  So enjoy having our new set of features!   Thankyou!
27/10/2013 17:17

Security codes

   We have put up a new features Security Code. This code can identify you when you send us any information. Just don't worry-we wont ask your any personal information. Once you enter the necessary details, you will be sent your Security code. then you can use your security code for...
27/10/2013 17:14

Fun stuffs

   We have come back now with some exciting features The Fun Stuffs. It gives you full and exciting information to fill your mind. Please visit it.
20/10/2013 07:28

Server Hibernate!

   Tody we are here to announce a bad news-we are going to hibernate for some months as the school starts from tomorrow. We will come back at somewere in December.Apologize us please.  But till then still these pages can be available for you. But the main fact is that this site wont...
14/10/2013 16:57

Another Website Launched!

   I am very proud to say that Today I have launched  another website-Built In Online Games. This website provides you with free, popular, and interesting games! Thanks to the project manager-Anantha Krishna R. and CEO-Adarsh. Now It is a part of V-Group. Please Keep visiting!
01/10/2013 15:10

New Web site

New site-https://fastdictsearch.webnode.com/ has been launched.   This site helps you to find information and meanings on any topic. We guide you to look into this site when it's content is added. Please wait. If you have any complains regards to our sites, then...

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